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Analysis of The Causes of Graphite Electrode Fracture

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According to the internal and external influencing factors in the smelting process, graphite electrode fracture can be summarized into the following two types:

1. Internal factors: the quality of graphite electrode products.

(1) Reasons for broken electrode nipples

The nipple plays a key role in the connection of the electrode in steelmaking. The quality of the nipple is directly related to the use of the electrode in the electric furnace steelmaking. In terms of the quality of the nipple itself, there are mainly the following reasons for the fracture:

a.If the bulk density of the nipple is low, the strength is generally low, and it is easy to break when used;

b.The resistivity is too high, and the temperature of the nipples rises quickly, resulting in a larger thermal stress at the electrode connection and an increased probability of breaking;

c.The flexural strength of the nipple is not enough;

d.Internally split nipples are mixed into finished nipples to form a major hidden danger in use;

e.The machining accuracy index of the nipple and the electrode is not reasonably matched, and it is prone to breakage.

(2) Reasons for broken electrode body

Generally, the probability of electrode body breaking is low. The main reasons for electrode body breaking are as follows:

a.The screw hole of the electrode body has quality defects;

b.The volume density and strength of the electrode body are not enough;

c.The electrode body does not match the index and processing accuracy of the nipple;

d.The deep cracks at the end of the electrode body are caused by the poor thermal shock resistance of the electrode;

2. External factors: Reasons for improper operation during installation and use.

(1) The electrode is broken by the collapsed material,If the scrap steel in the furnace has formed a bridge structure during the smelting process, especially when it is close to the melting, the short arc operation for a long time at this time will produce a large side impact force that causes collapse; an important feature when such an accident occurs, The electrode clamping point receives the greatest moment of force, and the probability of breaking near the electrode clamping point is the greatest.

(2) Resonance action breaks the electrode Graphite electrodes are bound to vibrate when subjected to electromagnetic force during the smelting process. If the mechanical vibration frequency of the electrode column is close to or synchronized with the electromagnetic force vibration frequency, the electrode will resonate, which will easily cause the electrode to break due to fatigue

(3) Irregular clamping operation leads to broken electrodes .If the electrode and the holder cannot be kept vertical, the electrode will have an additional horizontal component effect; if there is foreign matter on the clamping surface, the clamping point is likely to cause stress concentration; if the electrode is poorly connected, the mechanical strength of the electrode at the connection interface cannot meet the requirements. Force requirements. These bad operations can easily cause the electrode to break during the smelting process.

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