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Improvement of process operation of ring roaster

Time:2019-10-05 Views:

In today's world of metallurgical carbon industry, ring roasters are commonly used to produce electrodes and carbon block products or semi-products. Such roasters can generally be divided into two types: one is an open loop roaster; and the other is a lid loop roaster.

The improvement of the ring furnace process operation technology mainly focuses on the following aspects:
(1) Properly shorten the roasting cycle;
(2) Improve the roof sealing performance to reduce external air leakage;
(3) changing the downstream flame to be a countercurrent flame roasting;
(4) improving the burner;
(5) using fuel emulsification technology;
(6) Using new refractory bricks to improve the service life of the flue;
(7) Use computer control for optimization operations.