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Future development prospect of graphite electrode industry

Time:2020-10-14 Views:


Electric furnace steelmaking is clean and environmental protection, which is the development trend of smelting industry.The increasing demand for graphite electrode in electric steelmaking also brings good opportunities to the development of graphite electrode manufacturers. It is judged that the market prospect of graphite electrode in the future is stable and positive. By 2020, the chinese graphite electrode major manufacturer include:

Fangda Carbon
Kaifeng Carbon Co., Ltd (KFCC)
Yangzi Carbon

Jilin Carbon


Dandong Xinxing Carbon Co., Ltd.

Henan Hongqiqu New Material Co.,Ltd


Future development prospect of graphite electrode industry

1. The rapid development of steelmaking in the electric furnace increases the demand for driving graphite electrode

Graphite electrode is the key consumable material of arc furnace in short process steelmaking. The innovation and upgrade of steelmaking process, the increment and quality improvement trend of special steel, the reuse of scrap steel and the broad future space of Chinese electric furnace steelmaking will greatly promote the demand of graphite electrode.

2. The state policy encourages the development of electric furnace steelmaking

The state policy promotes the industrial structure adjustment of the steel industry and encourages the development of electric furnace steelmaking. The development of China's graphite electrode industry is guaranteed by the policy.

3. Ultra-high power electrode will become the future development trend

The development of ultra high power arc furnace is the trend of The Times.As one of the main materials of ultra high power arc furnace, the demand of super high power graphite electrode will increase further. 


4. Rational regression of graphite electrode price to promote the healthy development of the industry

Due to the graphite electrode high price, high profit, production, expansion and the rapid increase of graphite electrode project proposed the graphite electrode for strong to the weak overall, market competition is bigger, the price war between the graphite electrode enterprise is not the real reaction instant state of market supply and demand, with graphite electrode market bottomed out, the price will return to a reasonable level.

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